Celine Doll wanted some swimming lessons, but the only thing on her teacher’s mind was her sweet ass. She gave him a blowjob, and then fucked his hard cock. After that, dude spread her ass cheeks so she could have her first time anal experience!

Que’s Review for Lets Try Anal

The Mojo – Well shit just the ideal is enough to get the mojo going. “Hey baby, Tonight let’s try anal!” She’s probably going to say no, This is the time she’s going to say yes! I know, This is one of those “reality,” sites where the reality is the chicks are getting paid lol. But that didn’t kill the mojo for me at all. I really dug it. Mainly because judging by their nervous looks it’s very real to them! If you watch real close you can see them slip and that look of “Ooooo shit, I think I’ve gotten in waaaaaaay over my head,” Shines though. LOL. Plus like I’ve said before about this network in reality it is real in a major way. This is where girls go to get their start in porn. So you kinda get the best of both worlds. Real amateurs just starting out in the biz meets good production. I looked down the list of models and don’t see a ton of known names and the ones I did see tend to be from the beginning of their careers. Nothing like talking your chick into some back door banging. Da mojo was there for me!

Ups and Downs – The girls acting ability varies but they try not to lay to heavy a script on the sluts so it generally works. Quality while not studio is very good. Flicks are offered in a variety of sizes for what ever connection you have up to 1080hd so no complaints there. Pics are super sized but not super clear but as with the production if it was crystal clear it would ruin the mojo if you know what I mean. Toss in the network sites and there’s enough content to keep you going for months so good on that account. Only complaint was being into pics I didn’t like the thumb setup. But then again this is the kind of site you’re going to dig the vids the most so it really didn’t ruin it for me.

Network sites included? – Twelve, Part of the Mofo network. Public Pick Ups, Lets Try Anal, Latina Sex Tapes, She’s A Freak, Real Slut Party, Pervs On Patrol, Mofos World Wide, Milfs Like It Black, Mofos Old School, Teens At Work, In Gang We Bang, Can She Take It. Best of all they don’t fuck with you and give them all to you front up instead of trying to get you in on one and upselling the rest.

Over all recommendation – Long as you dig the mojo I have no reservations recommending this site. Especially since they offer a 2 day, 2 dollar trial. Shows they are confident enough in the quality of their site that you will want to stay past the trial.

If you can dig it, Grab a 1 dollar / 2 Day trial and start downloading
Lets Try Anal

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